Our Vision

We believe that bridging various ecosystems sustains innovation and is the key to finding new solutions capable of solving the challenges of today and tomorrow. In fact, we believe that open innovation is the business philosophy that creates the most value in the long run.

Large companies are now operating in a world that extends beyond the walls of their own enterprises into a wider ecosystem – including the new and unknown. Startups are the flagships of this wider ecosystem, as they bring disruptive and transformative solutions reshaping entire markets and industries.
In parallel, within large organizations, numerous internal innovation projects involving various people are launched to prepare the future. We believe that the reconciliation of the collaboration between large companies and new agile startups, and these innovation projects will shape the future of firms and industries. 

Our Authors

Jonatan Santillan Delgado

Jonatan is the Digital Marketing Manager at Startup Flow. He's intrigued by the ever-changing pace of innovation, and how it's shaping our way of life. He's on a mission to see the world, one country, and one dancefloor at a time.

Alixe Clément

Alixe works in Startup Flow's Customer Success team. She manages a portfolio of clients to support them in the definition and implementation of their innovation strategy. She is passionate about nature, outdoor sports, and running.

Natalie Todd

Customer Success Manager at Startup Flow, passionate about equipping her clients with the right tools to achieve their strategic innovation goals. She is intrigued by the complexities of startup-corporate relationships, change management and the development of innovation strategies.

Sophie Parachey

Sophie is the Head of Customer Success at Startup Flow. She works on designing our client’s success journey and strategy to get the most value out of the platform. In her free time, Sophie teaches yoga and when possible goes free diving.

Gaëtan Bolloré

Gaëtan is the co-founder and Deputy CEO of Startup Flow. He aims to help clients explore new business territories, find new levers of growth, and make informed decisions about external innovation opportunities.

Benjamin Ricard

Benjamin is part of Startup Flow's Customer Success team. He helps his clients to reach their strategic innovation goals by using Startup Flow. He is passionate in playing board games and socks.