Open Innovation Handbook

Open Innovation Handbook

Download our Open Innovation Handbook and get an in-depth breakdown of the open innovation paradigm.

In this Open Innovation Handbook you’ll find:
  1. History of Open Innovation
  2. What Was There Before the Open Innovation Paradigm?
  3. Why and When did the Knowledge Landscape Change?
  4. How Have These Factors Driven Us to Open Innovation
  5. What are the Benefits and Mechanisms of Open Innovation?
  6. Key Takeaways: Here is What You Need to Remember


With more than three years of experience helping corporations scale their innovation strategies, we have learned a great deal from each company’s fascinating and unique use case.

Through their innovation journey, corporations have taught us a lot about current corporate innovation trends. And thus, have helped us shape our vision, one that is driven by the market needs.

Meanwhile, we ensure these findings and trends resonate with the findings of research and management science. This ebook aims to provide everyone with a precise yet easy handbook to travel through Open Innovation, which is not always crystal clear – even though we hear about this concept often since Henry Chesbrough coined the term in 2003.

Download to read the full text (20 pages).